Weblock unit for the Kingpin

Lightweight hightech weblock for 20mm slackline webbing

!ATTENTION! This is only the weblock unit. The Weblock Kingpin and regular Kingpins are sold separately.

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KingPin weblock for 20mm webbing

The original SLACKTIVITY aluminum shackle - the KingPin – has been upgraded! The new KingPin is a super light weblock for 20mm slackline webbings.

You can connect the the weblock unit to the KingPin body and the pin with an elastic cord such that there are no loose parts which can be lost or separated.


    • Maximum payload (WLL) 4kN, (from 17kN and above, slight deformation on the side plates)
    • Weblock unit: side plates made of stainless steel; centre divert with a halfmoon shape made of aircraft aluminium 7075-T6
    • Weight: 50g

    Before using the KingPin Weblock, please read carefully and fully understand the operating instructions!! (PDF under "Manual (pdf)")

    We provide you the necessary know-how and ins-and-outs of our materials. We have clear, simple and visually appealing operating instructions. Always slackline prepared! We have our own SLACKTIVITY YouTube channel - which offers many tutorials as well as video assembly instructions of our material and products. If you still have questions you can always contact us, we will be happy to answer you.

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