The new seaHorse with double pin is the most sophisticated weblock on the market. Made from a single block of aircraft aluminium, and full of innovative features!

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The seaHorse is the most sophisticated weblock on the market. The new design adds versatility, new functions, and a low weight. The seaHorse is forged from a single piece of aircraft aluminium, which allows it to be really strong and lightweight.

The biggest innovation is the hollow center diverter. The hollow center diverter allows a variety of soft connections. This can be really useful when building a HangOver pulley system, attaching a regular pulley system, or attaching a rope to train for highlines in the park. We even built in some ‘grooves’ that keep your soft attachments in place instead of sliding up. Note: the hollow center diverter cannot be used to anchor the Seahorse.

The geometry of the seaHorse is optimised for the most efficient pretensioning possible. A lot of testing with a big modular plate has led to the perfect dimensions for a HangOver pulley system. To see how to create the lightest 15:1 system on the market, you can watch the video above!

Another key feature is the ‘snout’ of the seaHorse. We noticed that with the low-tension trend the last few years, that both the mainline and tail can exit the weblock when not being careful. The snout prevents that, and keep your webbing and tail perfectly stacked and aligned

The seaHorse comes in two versions. One with a single 4-ball locking pin, and this version with two 4-ball locking pins. This version is perfect for installing a soft-release directly into your seaHorse. Both versions come with a sewn end-loop for a direct shackle connection.


  • Weight: 330 grams!
  • Working Load Limit (WLL) 12kN
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 60kN
  • Center diverter diameter: 36mm
  • Inner diameter center diverter: 23mm
  • Comes with sewn endloop with an MBS of 36kN
  • Made from a single piece of aircraft aluminium(7075-T6)
  • 4 ball locking pins made from 17-4PH steel
  • Sandblasted outside surface for better grip
  • Pin connection cord to not lose your pins!
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