pinkTube C 50m

The new standard in Highline Tricklining! Used and praised by many Highliners!

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PINT-Version C-50m

The stretchiest and bounciest line available

Just WOOWOWOOOOOOOW! That's how it feels like when you first time walk on a pinkTube. This webbing is the stretchiest and bounciest line available. No matter whether you just want to walk or do crazy tricks, the pinkTube guarantees endless fun.
The pinkTube has a very high stretch at low tension. This means leashfalls are really soft on your body and the line will be a lot of fun on shorther lengths.
The stretch at 1kN: 1.6%, 2kN: 6.6%, 3kN: 10.6%, 4kN: 13,3%, 5kN: 15,4kN,..... 10kN: 22,6%

With a weight of only 48g/m it is super light weight to carry to the spot. A short piece of pinkTube should always be carried in your backpack to be rigged for any occastion. 

Version C 

The "Version C" is a double pinkTube that is directly sewn together
Advantages of Version C:

  • The backup is always connected to the main line.
  • In case of a storm the backup can impossibly untape, so it prevents the line from going crazy in the wind
  • In the unlikely case of a mainline -failure the backup fall will be much softer compared on a backup-fall with conventional backup
  • The leash rings can easily pass on the connection sewing
  • You won't ever forget anymore to take a backup to your highline session

Further information:

  • You cannot pull the backup webbing to get the line disentangled from the backup
  • The line can easily get entangled when being coiled. To avoid that, feed it nicely into a haul bag or IKEA bag after every session
  • The sewn part cannot be pulled into the weblock with the HangOver-Pulley but must be passed by use of an additional/improvised pulley-system. This problem can be avoided by leaving enough distance after the sewn part to be pulled into the weblock.
  • The backup length cannot be adjusted. But it is sewn in a reasonable length for standing tensions up to about 2kN.




  • Nylon tubular webbing
  • Width 25.5mm 
  • Stretch: 22.6% at 10kN - High-stretch for big bounces and surfers
  • Average breaking strength webbing: 22.0kN
  • MBS webbing: 20.6kN (2018 batch: 23.0kN)
  • Average breaking strength sewn loops: 20.4kN
  • MBS sewn loops: 19.5kN
  • Avarage breaking strength backup-connection (Type C): 13.2kN
  • MBS backup-connection (Type C): 11.7kN
  • Weight: 48g / m
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