pinkTube 30m - 200m

The new standard in Highline Tricklining! Used and praised by many Highliners

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This webbing sets new standards in HighlineTricking

Watch the videos on our Youtube channel. Most HighlineTricks (including the first Highline Competition in China 2017) were made on this band.


  • Nylon tubular webbing
  • Width 25.5mm 
  • Stretch:18% at 10kN - High-stretch for big bounces and surfers 
  • Maximum Breaking Strength: (MBS) webbing: 23.6kN (in combination with the seaHorse) 
  • MBS sewn loop: 19.7kN 
  • Weight: 48g / m 


  • Round, soft edges.
  • Sewn loop on both ends for efficient rigging
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