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highlineGrip G2

The HighLineGrip developed by Andy Riedrich is now available through Slacktivity. The lineGrips' function is to grasp the slackline.

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The lineGrip developed by Andy Riedrich is now available through Slacktivity.

The lineGrips' function is to grasp the slackline. It is required for the following applications:

  • For the Hangover-Pully; to pull the band through the seaHorse (Weblock) (Line Locker)
  • For the rope pulley to remove the tension mechanism from the system (The advantage of this is that there is less weight in the slackline system and several slacklines can be clamped with the same system).
  • For the rope pulley, to tension with a less static tension (The rope pulley can be topped up several times)

NEW -SBR Function!

Brand new revision with spring-ball-retainer (SBR) and tangle free plate tether cord. 
The long awaited revision "-SBR" of the most popular lineGrip, is finally here! Even easier and safer to use, than ever before, thanks to the auto-locking and auto-releasing plate retainer mechanism. Simply clip on, latch the plate and its automatically locked secure. No more need to manually insert the retainer-pin as before. Attaching and securing the lineGrip is now a matter of only one second - as is the removal! 
As its predecessor G2-R, its is extremely versatile and reliable, light, tough, and very good looking too. Packed with a load of valued features, such as the large oval load eye with a generous 29x18mm and the ever lasting dyneema plate tether cord, effectively rounded off by the sticky Type-3 rubber coatings with stunning properties. 
All this is concentrated in the G2-SBR, resulting in an amazingly performing device, which gives you an unprecedented lineGrip experience you will enjoy in every aspect.

HighLineGrip G2-SBR vs LineGrip G4-SBR

You wonder which one to chose? They are almost the same product, the only difference is the working load. An HighlineGrip G2-SBR can go up to only 8kN, while a LineGrip G4-SBR can go up to 15kN! This strength comes with an bit of additional weight. The G4 weighs 85 grams more. 

Approved Webbing Materials 

The G2-SBR lineGrip, equipped with Type-3 rubber coating, has been tested with and approved for simple, uncoated tubular and flat webbing made of: 
- Polyester (PES) 
- Polyamid (PAD, Nylon(R)) 
"Threaded tubular" and stacked flat webbing, as well as webbing consisting of "high tech" fibers such as Dyneema and Spectra, can be tensioned/rigged with the lineGrip to a limited extent only, and is therefore excluded specifically.


  • Highline Grip G2-SBR - 8kN WLL, colour: Black
  • lineGrip-Shell (protection & cooling)
  • English instruction manual
  • 2x Spare lineGrip safety caps

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Working Load (MWL): 8 kN (1800 lbf) 
  • Common Slipping Threshold (CST): ~ 20 kN (~ 4500 lbf) 
  • Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 25 kN (5600 lbf) 
  • Permitted operating temperature: -10° to +40° C (15° to 105° F) 
  • Approved webbing width: 24 - 26 mm (0.95 - 1.05") 
  • Approved webbing thickness: 1 - 5 mm (0.04 - 0.2") 
  • Weight (excl. Shell): 378 g (13.3 oz) 
  • Measure L x H x W (when open): 162 x 80 x 45 mm 
  • Material body & clamping plates: Aluminum AW7075-T651 
  • Material load transfer bolts: 10 mm rod Aluminum AW7075-T651 
  • Material rubber plates: LG Type-3 rubber on AL carrier plate
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